If you pay any attention to local social media groups, you’ll find an alarming number of reports of traffic crashes involving people walking in our neighbourhood. People shouldn’t have to risk life-altering injuries or death just to get to school, work, restaurants, shops or recreational opportunities.

These kinds of traffic crashes are preventable. So why aren’t they being prevented?

Developed by internationally recognized transportation experts, the Crash Analysis Studio approach moves beyond the myth of “driver error”. It provides a life-saving new framework for analyzing—and ultimately preventing—car crashes.

In short, we will:

  1. Select a “routine” crash in our neighbourhood to analyze, by bringing together experts and community members to identify the multiple factors that caused the crash, rather than merely blaming crash victims.
  2. Identify the changes that can be brought to the physical environment to reduce the frequency and trauma of future crashes.
  3. Implement those changes!

We’re starting to put together all the necessary pieces for this project. Come back here for more details soon. And of course, please get in touch using the form below if you’d like to be involved!

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