Who We Are

ReimagineElmwood is a coalition of Elmwood organizations who are working together to bring about changes to the public realm and the built environment to make our neighbourhood a safer, more inviting, more equitable place to live, play, work and do business. The partner organizations are:

And with the valued support of Councillor Jason Schreyer

How We Got Here

In 2018, the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (CNRC) undertook vast public consultations in order to update the 5-year neighbourhood renewal plan for our area.

In all, over 1,500 people participated, from all walks of life including youth, seniors, new Canadians, Indigenous people, business owners, community groups, religious groups, families, homeowners, renters and more. To put that number in perspective, a city-wide engagement that reached an equivalent proportion of the population would have to consult with over 100,000 people.

This engagement process highlighted several issues with mobility and transportation in our neighbourhood including:

  • a lack of safe pedestrian crossings
  • a lack of places to sit
  • a need for improved quality of sidewalks
  • a lack of safe bicycle infrastructure close to the daily destinations of residents
  • a need for better infrastructure at bus stops, including sidewalks, benches, shelters
  • a general need for a safer environment for people walking and on bikes

More specifically, 88% of respondents said the ability to access local amenities was important or very important, and most agreed that making our community streets more “family-friendly” in terms of mobility would help improve other issues in the neighbourhood.

As well, local businesses indicated the need for more foot traffic.

And most importantly, 86% of seniors and 70% of youth reported experiencing recurring mobility issues in the neighbourhood.