During neighbourhood consultations for the renewal of the Chalmers 5-year Neighbourhood Plan in 2019, the community spoke loud and clear about the need to improve ways of getting around the neighbourhood, especially for those on foot, bike, cane, wheelchair and with a stroller!

So we asked ourselves if Henderson Hwy is a place we like to walk, bike or wait for the bus on? Walk our dogs on? Bring our kids to? Does it feel comfortable and safe? Does it feel inviting – like a special part of our neighbourhood where we want to linger?

Mostly, we asked if Henderson Hwy could be a happier place for our residents and local businesses.

To answer those questions, we did an initial 1-day trial in July 2020 to test out options for improving Henderson Hwy for the people who live, work and operate businesses here. Then we followed up with some temporary and permanent installations in the summer of 2023.

We’ve compiled all the data from those first two projects, and are taking all that we’ve learned to iterate and continue to improve the safety, comfort and usability of Henderson Hwy for residents and businesses.

To that end, we’ll be installing a longer Phase III trial over spring/summer 2025! Check back here very soon for more details!

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And with the valued support of Councillor Jason Schreyer